Auxiliary Member Drive

The Tyrone Hospital Auxiliary of the Tyrone Hospital Foundation is currently in the process of renewing memberships and enlisting new members for the upcoming membership period of 2019-2021. We urgently need new members to join with us to continue fundraising efforts to assist Tyrone Hospital in renovation projects and the purchase of new state-of-the-art equipment. Your help and support are vital to ensure that we continue to enhance and improve medical care on the hospital’s campus and the surrounding communities.

The Auxiliary prides itself in making contributions to the hospital that enhance patient care, purchase state-of-the-art equipment, provide comfort items for patients and offer free transportation for residents of the Tyrone School District to be able to obtain medical care.

The Tyrone Hospital Auxiliary donated equipment to a variety of departments at Tyrone Hospital and to the Tyrone Fitness and Wellness Center. The donated equipment was purchased with funds raised by the Auxiliary through bake/soup and sandwich sales, uniform sales, and a common goods sale.  This past year the Auxiliary purchased the following items:

Doppler technology was donated to the Medical/Surgical and Intensive Care (ICU) units at Tyrone Hospital. The Doppler technology helps nursing staff to confirm a pulse in a patient extremity if it cannot be detected manually. This is necessary so that nurses can quickly assess and react to diminished or absent blood flow in a patient extremity and intervene as needed to prevent loss of function to the extremity.

Eight Infab Kiarmor Lead Free Aprons & Thyroid Shields were donated to the Tyrone Hospital radiology department.  The lead aprons and shields provide protection to patients and hospital staff from radiation that is used to complete imaging exams such as x-rays, radiography, fluoroscopy and computed tomography.

Two Alera Wire Shelving Units with Casters were donated to the operating room. The shelving units allow operating room staff to store and easily relocate supplies and equipment to make needed items readily available.

An Accu-Scope 3012 Binocular Microscope was donated to the Tyrone Hospital laboratory. The microscope will be used in the laboratory’s microbiology department to identify bacteria and infections. It can also be used to examine blood specimens to identify white blood cell and red blood cell abnormalities.

An Eagle Group Three Pan Open Tabletop Hot Food Buffet Table with an Enclosed Base was purchased for the nutrition services department for use in the Tyrone Hospital snack bar. The table will be used to serve hot food items in the snack bar.

The Auxiliary also helped with maintenance of equipment at the Tyrone Fitness and Wellness Center by covering fifty-percent of the expense to place new belts and pads on the Center’s treadmills.

In addition to this, the Auxiliary places Christmas wreaths on the pillars in front of the hospital, decorates the Hospital Lobby for Christmas with the placement of a Christmas tree and holds an Annual Tea for staff, visitors, and the public for their dedicated support of the Auxiliary’s many fundraisers.

Throughout the duration of September through May, on the third Thursday of the month, the Auxiliary holds a Soup/Bake Sale, Uniform Sale and Collective Good Sale in the Main Lobby of the Hospital. The profits from these sales raise the funds used to finance the projects of the Auxiliary. Any support you would like to provide is very much appreciated.

Please consider joining the Auxiliary as either an active member or a support/baker member.  The active member attends meetings, participates in the Soup/Bake Sale Events (working the day of the event or providing items or assists in making soups/sandwiches) and can hold an office if they desire.  The support member donates bake good items or volunteers to make soup or sandwiches for the Soup/Sandwich/Bakes events and does not attend meetings.

The Auxiliary meets the second Tuesday of each month at 6:30 p.m. in the Hospital Snack Bar. It does not meet during the summer months of June, July, and August.

The Auxiliary is actively looking for talented individuals who are interested in running for President, Vice President and Treasurer.  If you think this might be you please select your interest and the office you like hold.

Auxiliary Membership Drive Form 2019