Breast Ultrasound

Breast Ultrasound services are offered on the campus of Tyrone Regional Health Network through the radiology department.

Breast Ultrasound generates real time dynamic pictures of the breast tissue. It is used for diagnosing and assessing breast disorders such as breast pain and lumps and often complements mammography. It is also used for image guidance when breast biopsy or breast cyst aspiration is necessary:

Image-guided breast biopsy may be used to help diagnose breast disorders. It involves the removal of cells or a tissue sample from a suspicious area of the breast using some form of imaging guidance, such as ultrasound.

Image-guided breast cyst aspiration is a simple procedure performed using ultrasound technology to generate a focused image of a cyst within the breast and under local anesthetic using a fine needle to withdraw fluid from the cyst.

Outstanding Service

  • Highly specialized, board certified diagnostic and interventional radiologists interpret radiology studies performed at Tyrone Regional Health Network.
  • We offer easy appointment availability. No long waits for appointments!
  • We provide test results to your doctor quickly.

For more information about the Breast Ultrasound services offered at Tyrone Regional Health Network or to make an appointment call (814) 684-6385.