Tyrone Regional Health Network is committed to offering the community with high quality healthcare services and an outstanding patient experience at a great value. We provide the community with pricing information to help consumers better anticipate and understand their financial responsibilities and to help them make more informed healthcare decisions.

To help you better prepare for healthcare expenses, we are pleased to share our average charges for hospital services. The charges provided are an estimate only and before health insurance or financial assistance is applied. The charges provided may be used as a starting point to help you estimate your healthcare costs. Healthcare is complex. Therefore, your actual final costs are affected by many factors including but not limited to actual services rendered, physician treatment choices, unknown circumstances or complications that affect your care, your insurance coverage, annual deductibles and co-pays. Professional fees from physician specialists such as anesthesiologists, surgeons, pathologists and others are not included in the charges provided.

We also recommend that you contact your insurance provider directly for information regarding the cost of healthcare services. Your insurance provider can help determine out-of-pockets costs based on the specifics of your particular insurance coverage.

If you have any billing or financial questions for treatment at Tyrone Regional Health Network please contact our Billing office at:

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