Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), is a hi-technology imaging exam that gives physicians unparalleled views of the inside of the body. MRI images are generated using a powerful magnet, radio waves and a computer system. No x-rays are used. Physicians use MRI to diagnose every part of the body, and it is particularly useful in diagnosing neurological conditions, disorders of the muscles and joints, evaluating tumors, and showing abnormalities in the heart and blood vessels. The technology can even show images of flowing blood in virtually any part of the body.

New MRI Technology

The Tyrone Regional Health Network radiology department completes MRI exams using a new Siemens Ultra Wide Bore MAGNETOM Aera 1.5T MRI.

MRI services are available Monday through Friday for patient exams and available as needed for emergency patients.

The MAGNETOM Aera 1.5T Ultra Wide Bore MRI offers doctors an array of diagnostic possibilities and provides patients with a more comfortable experience. The technology offers superb image quality that may be used for a wide range of medical needs and can help physicians make quicker, more accurate diagnoses.

The MAGNETOM Aera boasts a large 70 cm ultra wide bore – the tube-like structure of an MRI machine, where the patient lies during the imaging process – and can provide access for patients of up to 550 pounds. Additionally, the system’s ultra-short bore (145 cm) can help to alleviate concerns of claustrophobia since many exams can be performed with the patient’s head outside of the bore.

The MRI also uses the newest metal suppression software for superb images to evaluate orthopedic hardware.

Cardiac MRI

  • Tyrone Hospital offers the local areas only cardiac MRI imaging exams.  Cardiac MRI exams may be used by heart specialists to evaluate a wide variety of  heart problems and is considered the “gold standard” for evaluating the structure and functioning of the heart.

Outstanding Service

  • Highly specialized, board certified diagnostic and interventional radiologists interpret radiology studies performed at Tyrone Regional Health Network.
  • We offer easy appointment availability. No long waits for appointments!
  • We provide test results to your doctor quickly.

For more information about the MRI services at Tyrone Regional Health Network or to schedule an appointment call: (814) 684-6385.