Patient Praises Tyrone Hospital’s Radiology Service

At Tyrone Hospital, customer service and meeting and exceeding patient expectations is part of the hospital’s operating philosophy.  Terry Powers of Ebensburg, who recently received services in the Tyrone Hospital radiology department, said he was so impressed with his experience at Tyrone, he made a point of sharing his positive feedback both with hospital staff and administration.

Mr. Powers recounted his experience at Tyrone, as a testimonial to help make others aware of the level of service Tyrone Hospital provides.

Mr. Powers needed a Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) exam. He visited an area facility to have his exam. Unfortunately, his exam couldn’t be completed since he was uncomfortable and felt confined in the MRI technology that was used. So, he needed to look at other options.  After doing some online research, he identified Tyrone Hospital’s MRI service and the wide bore MRI technology it offered.

“I was very interested in the wide bore MRI because I thought it would be a more comfortable situation for the exam I needed, said Mr. Powers.  “With the wide bore, you can see out of it and it is much less confining.”

Tyrone performs MRI exams using a Siemens Ultra Wide Bore MAGNETOM Aera. The technology has a 70 cm wide bore which is a full 10cm larger than a traditional MRI. This helps reduce the closed in feeling some patients experience with a traditional MRI.

Mr. Powers said the day he called Tyrone he received the information he was seeking about their MRI service and so much more. He said Larry Garman, RT (R), (R), (CT), Director of Ancillary Services and Radiology, Holly Rhodes, RT (R) (MR), MRI Technologist and Kelly Biggs, M.D. Radiologist and Medical Director of Radiology were very accommodating.  “They answered all of my questions. They also invited me to stop by to take a look at the MRI technology. They even offered for me to do a dry run. That let me see what my experience would be like when I had the actual MRI exam.”

“We were happy to work with Mr. Powers to meet his needs and help him feel comfortable with the exam he would receive, said Mr. Garman. “For Mr. Powers and for each of our patients, this is the level of courtesy and service we extend to meet our patients’ needs.”

After his contact with Tyrone’s radiology professionals, Mr. Powers decided to schedule his MRI at Tyrone. He was able to get his exam scheduled the next day. “I was also pleased to learn that my exam results were sent to my doctor the same day,” said Mr. Powers.

Mr. Powers said the staff at Tyrone Hospital was wonderful to him. “It is great to have this service available. The staff at Tyrone treats you like a neighbor, like family.”  “I was so impressed, I wanted to share my experience so others would know they have a great hospital to access here at Tyrone and can get good care and good service close to home.”

Radiology services offered at Tyrone Hospital include MRI, Cardiac MRI, CT scan, X-ray, Fluoroscopy, Mammography, Ultrasound, Vascular Ultrasound, Bone Densitometry and Interventional radiology including biopsies of the thyroid, breast and liver, PICC line insertion for long term IV antibiotics, ultrasound guided thoracentesis and paracentesis, percutaneous abscess drainage catheters and arthrograms to include joint injections and aspirations.

For more information or to schedule a patient appointment please call (814) 684-6385.

Pictured left to right with Tyrone Hospital’s MRI technology are Alyssa Byler, RT (R) (MR), MRI Technologist, Holly Rhodes, RT (R) (MR), MRI Technologist and Kelly Biggs, M.D. Radiologist and Medical Director of Radiology.