Pre-Op Testing & Anesthesia Clinic

Personalized Attention and Answers to Your Questions

Tyrone Regional Health Network provides a Pre-op Testing and Anesthesia Clinic to prepare patients for surgery.

Our healthcare professionals meet personally with each patient in advance of their scheduled surgery to review their medical history and other important information and to complete any testing needed before surgery.

The goal of this visit is to determine if a patient is best prepared for surgery and the anesthesia that will be administered during their surgical procedure. It also allows us to identify any potential complications with surgery or anesthesia that may be related to a person’s medical status or medications they may be taking.

During their visit to the Pre-op Testing and Anesthesia Clinic, we provide patients an overview of what to expect on the day they have their surgical procedure. We also review the different types of anesthesia that are options for each patient and tailor the anesthesia to each patient’s needs.

We understand that patients may be anxious and stressed in anticipation of their surgery. Our goal is to help each patient feel more comfortable by providing information and answering any questions they may have regarding their surgery, anesthesia, and their recovery following surgery.

Which patients need to visit the Pre-op Testing and Anesthesia Clinic?

All patients who are scheduled to have surgery at Tyrone Regional Health Network need to visit the Pre-op Testing and Anesthesia Clinic. Surgical patients need to visit the clinic at least one week before they have surgery.

How do patients arrange an appointment?

Each patient’s doctor provides him or her with instructions on who to call to schedule an appointment or their doctor may call to arrange an appointment for them.

Where is the Pre-op Testing and Anesthesia Clinic located?

The clinic is located on the first floor at Tyrone Regional Health Network, on the short procedure unit (SPU).

What is addressed during the clinic visit?

The patient’s medical history is reviewed. They undergo a comprehensive anesthesia evaluation. Any testing needed before surgery is completed (i.e., lab tests, heart testing, x-rays etc). Patients learn
about their anesthesia options along with the risks and benefits of each type of anesthesia. Any questions a patient may have are answered. Some paperwork is completed. We also provide detailed instructions regarding how to prepare for surgery including what you need to do a week before, the day before, the day of and the day after surgery. Information we provide includes what medications to take or stop before surgery, what you can or cannot eat or drink before surgery, what you should or should not bring to the hospital, transportation considerations, what type of clothing to wear the day of surgery, where to park, what time to arrive at the hospital on the day of your surgery along with other important and helpful information.

Are there any special considerations for children having surgery?

During the visit to the Pre-op Testing and Anesthesia Clinic we provide guidance and instructions to parents/guardians to help make a child’s experience as comfortable as possible.

What advantages does the clinic offer for patients?

The Pre-op Testing and Anesthesia Clinic minimizes inconvenience for our surgical patients because they will make one trip to the hospital prior to surgery. Since we review so many important details in advance, it minimizes delays on the day of surgery, and reduces the chance that a patient’s surgery is cancelled or postponed. The personal contact with our healthcare professionals can also help ease patients’ anxieties by educating them about their surgical experience in advance and giving them an opportunity to have any questions answered personally.

What happens to the information collected during the Pre-op Testing and Anesthesia Clinic?

All of this information is kept private as a part of the patient’s confidential medical record.

If you are scheduled to have surgery at Tyrone Regional Health Network and need to make an appointment at the Pre-op Testing and Anesthesia Clinic please call (814) 684-6375.