Road Construction on TRHN Campus Begins Nov 4th

Construction to repair and improve a portion of roadway on the Tyrone Regional Health Network/Tyrone Hospital campus is set to begin on Monday November 4.

During construction, the portion of road that stretches from the stop sign at Oak Hill Lane to the stop sign located directly on the hospital campus will be closed to vehicular and pedestrian traffic. Patients and community members are instructed to access Tyrone Hospital and all other buildings located on the hospital campus using the entrance to Hospital Drive from Clay Avenue.

Patients can access the Tyrone Rural Health Center, Breast Cancer & Women’s Health Institute and Omni Home Care from the Tyrone Hospital parking lot using a temporary access driveway that will be constructed before the road is closed. Directional signage will be posted.

“We are very grateful to the Borough of Tyrone for their support for this project”, said Anna Marie Anna, Acting CEO at Tyrone Hospital. “It will not only repair and improve the road but also make it safer and more accommodating for vehicles and pedestrians. We also appreciate the patience and cooperation of our patients, staff and community members as we make these improvements to better serve them,” said Mrs. Anna.

The Borough of Tyrone provided a $50,000 grant to Tyrone Hospital to cover the cost of the roadwork.  The road will be generally repaired and widened to sixteen feet with a two foot shoulder on each side. The work will be completed by G & R Excavating and New Enterprise Stone and lime Company, Inc.

Snyder Township will evaluate the road once completed to consider assisting the hospital with future maintenance.

The road construction project is expected to be completed by the end of November.