Stefani Cavallo is Recipient of 2019 Spirit of Nursing Award

Tyrone, Pa—Tyrone Hospital officials announced that Stefanie (Stef) Cavallo, RN is the recipient of Tyrone Hospital’s Spirit of Nursing Award for 2019. Each year the hospital’s nursing staff nominates one of their fellow nurses to receive the award.

Known for her consistently positive attitude, calm nature and adaptability, Mrs. Cavallo is described by her nursing colleagues as someone who goes the extra mile to support both patients and co-workers.  She is also recognized for her skills and instincts in caring for patients who are critically ill and serving as a role model who willingly shares her knowledge with fellow nurses.

Mrs. Cavallo said she was shocked to learn that she was selected for the Spirit of Nursing Award. “It is an honor. But I really am just doing my job.”

Mrs. Cavallo has more than twelve years of experience in the nursing profession. In 2007, her first job out of nursing school was at Tyrone Hospital where she worked in the medical-surgical and intensive care units. After a few years at Tyrone she worked at other healthcare facilities around the area gaining experience in emergency care, intensive care and surgical progressive care. She returned to Tyrone Hospital in 2013 and worked as a casual emergency department nurse. She was then promoted to night shift nursing supervisor and later moved into a day shift nursing supervisor position. Recently, she decided she was ready for a change and accepted a full-time nursing position in the Tyrone Hospital operating room.

She also serves as a member of Tyrone Hospital’s Emergency Management Committee.

Her diverse nursing skills were a good match for her nursing supervisor responsibilities. “The nursing supervisor must be able to function in all areas of nursing and serve as back-up in any nursing department as needed,” said Mrs. Cavallo. “I’ve had great role models to learn from throughout my nursing career both at Tyrone and elsewhere. It really helped me develop my professional skills.”

Those who nominated Mrs. Cavallo for the Spirit of Nursing Award indicated she is someone who jumps in and helps without having to be asked. She also always puts patients first. It was noted that she once talked to a recently discharged patient by phone for more than for 45 minutes to provide reassurance, answer questions and reiterate the patient’s discharge instructions-all to help the patient feel safe and comfortable after their transition to home.

A native of Tipton, Mrs. Cavallo earned an Associate Degree in nursing at Mount Aloysius College.

She currently resides in Hastings, Pa with her husband Kevin and has several children including her son Evan age 17, and daughters Kaylyn age 10, Victoria age three and stepdaughter Karley age 18.

As the 2019 Spirit of Nursing Award recipient, Mrs. Cavallo received a recognition certificate, flowers and a gift certificate.

The individual that receives the Spirit of Nursing Award is selected by their peers. Members of the nursing staff submit the names of fellow nurses that they think should be honored with the award.  It is through this process that the nursing staff selects one nurse to honor.

Nurses may qualify for the award if they provide direct patient care, have a comprehensive knowledge about the art of nursing, demonstrate a commitment to giving excellent nursing care, serve as an advocate to patients and families, and serve as a role model for other nursing staff.

Beth Dietrick, Interim Chief Nursing Officer says “We receive a lot of positive feedback about the nursing care provided at Tyrone Hospital. It is a pleasure to honor Mrs. Cavallo who is a shining example of the personalized care that our nurses provide.

Tyrone Hospital’s nursing department instituted the Spirit of Nursing Award in 2006 and grants the award on an annual basis to a nurse that demonstrates outstanding performance.

Pictured left to right are Beth Dietrick, RN, Interim Chief Nursing Officer with Stefanie (Stef) Cavallo, RN, Tyrone Hospital’s Spirit of Nursing Award recipient for 2019.