Terry Waple Retires from Tyrone Hospital

Theresa (Terry ) Waple, retired from her position as Manager of Surgical Services at Tyrone Hospital after twenty eight years of service.

Mrs. Waple is a graduate of the former Mercy Hospital School of Nursing and a seasoned nursing professional with more than forty- four years of nursing experience. After graduating from nursing school, Mrs. Waple worked for several years in the operating room at the former Mercy Hospital in Altoona.  She also spent a few years working at the former Philipsburg Hospital but devoted the majority of her career to Tyrone Hospital.

A native of Clearfield County and current resident of Osceola Mills, Mrs. Waple says Tyrone Hospital and the Tyrone community feel like her second home. “It is easy to feel that way after spending so many years working at the hospital and taking care of so many people from the local community. It really has been a pleasure to work here and be of service to area residents who have relied on us for surgical care,” said Mrs. Waple.

In the early years of her career at Tyrone, Mrs. Waple had the opportunity to work in various areas within the hospital and jumped at the chance because she wanted to “learn it all”.  She worked in obstetrics, medical and surgical care and intensive care.  Eventually she found a home in the hospital’s operating room (OR) a fitting department for a nurse described by others as cheerful, who helps to ease a difficult day, helps co-workers and works very well with the surgeons.

Her responsibilities in the operating room steadily increased. She first worked as a staff nurse.   Later she assumed additional responsibility as relief OR supervisor. She was then promoted to Manager of Surgical Services providing leadership for both the operating room and recovery room for more than fifteen years.

In addition to her management duties in surgical services she also served as a member of the hospital’s Infection Control, Operating Room/Anesthesia, Quality Improvement, Nursing Management and Value Analysis committees.

Mrs. Waple says her role in the development of Tyrone Hospital’s orthopedic services and managing the recent growth of the hospital’s overall surgical services are accomplishments she is most proud of.  “It was very rewarding working with the OR staff, doctors and administration and others on these projects to develop the services at Tyrone.”

It is clear that Mrs. Waple is most passionate about the operating room staff that she worked with on a daily basis.  Conversation about her retirement and leaving the OR and its staff stirs her emotions.  “They are a great team and we have a great bond. It is like leaving family and I will miss them very much.”

In retirement, Mrs. Waple looks forward to spending more time with her husband, son and two young grandchildren. She is open to all the possibilities that retirement offers and hopes to indulge in her interests in crocheting, walking and flower and vegetable gardening.