Tyrone Hospital Auxiliary Donates Equipment to Fitness Center

The Tyrone Hospital Auxiliary has donated equipment to the Tyrone Fitness and Wellness Center (TFWC) valued at $1,500.00.

The equipment offers members of the TFWC additional options for upper body exercise.  Equipment donated by the Auxiliary includes a battle rope, slam balls, a TRX System and a Knee-Up Dip machine. The battle rope is designed to work the entire upper body. Slam balls are used for a variety of exercises aimed at the arms, body core, back and shoulders. The TRX System is designed to work the entire upper body. Fifteen different exercises can be performed using the TRX system. The Knee-Up/Dip machine also works the upper body.


Pictured are representatives of the Tyrone Hospital Auxiliary with Tyrone Regional Health Network leaders and some of the equipment the Auxiliary purchased for the Tyrone Fitness and Wellness Center. From left to right are: Kay Diehl, Auxiliary Vice President on the Knee-Up/Dip machine, Murray Fetzer, Director of the Tyrone Fitness and Wellness Center, Rosalie Waring, with the battle rope, Joseph J. Peluso, CEO at Tyrone Regional Health Network and Vergie Werner with one of the slam balls.